Product Description:

LensShifter's superior focus and zoom grip adds production value and professionalism to your shots. The ergonomic design gives you the mechanical advantage necessary to achieve higher accuracy than turning the focus or zoom ring by hand. With LensShifter, gone are the days of fumbling with your lens trying to find the focus or zoom ring while losing that perfect shot. Intuitive controls allow you to respond to the action quickly.


Photography and Video

Photographers and videographers can both take advantage of the improved precision and smooth motion that LensShifter offers for focusing and zooming. 


Improve Precision & Response

Using mechanical advantage, LensShifter enhances focus and zoom precision by a factor of 3.5X. The result is more precise control, and smoother motion compared to turning the focus and zoom ring by hand. The color coordinated and easy to access handle will allow you to easily identify the focus vs zoom control, and respond quicker to changes in focus or zoom.


Use with Prime and Zoom Lenses

LensShifter is available in 2 colors (red and blue) which are popular for adjustment features on professional camera gear. Photographers and videographers use LensShifter to fine-tune focus when using prime lenses. Precisely control both focus and zoom when using zoom lenses. Have you ever grabbed the zoom ring thinking you were focusing, or vice versa? The different colors allow you to easily identify and locate your focus and zoom controls.


Balanced design

Using the included Balance Counterweight, you won't have to worry about the LensShifter handle moving when you release it or move the camera.


Improved Ergonomics

Twisting your hand in awkward positions to adjust the focus and zoom and accidentally getting your fingers in the shot or in front of the flash will be a thing of the past. With LensShifter, the controls are moved to an easy to reach position. The ball at the top of the lever provides a comfortable grip.


Adjustable to fit most lenses

LensShifter is compatible with most DSLR, Micro 4/3, and other interchangeable camera lenses with a focus or zoom ring outer diameter between 56mm (2.20in) and 98mm (3.86in).


Adjustable Tightness 

The tightness of the belt is adjustable to your preference, giving you ultimate control.


Non-Slip Grip

The toothed belt matches the grooves on the focus and zoom ring, insuring a non-slip grip.


Assembled in USA

LensShifter is assembled in USA from domestic and global components.



  • Camera lens compatibility size range - outer diameter between 56mm (2.20in) and 98mm (3.86in).
  • Color options: Blue, Red


  Product Name: LensShifter™
  Product Title: LensShifter™ Balanced Focus and Zoom Grip for DSLR and Mirrorless Camera Lens
  Harmonization Code: 900691
  Harmonization Code Description:

Parts and accessories for cameras

  Country of Origin (COO): USA
    Assembled in USA from Global Components
  Shipping weight: 3.75 oz. (106g)
  Net weight: 2.2 oz. (62g)
  Packaging: White cardboard box with label
  Packaging Dimensions: 4.25 inches length, 2.25 inches width, 2.25 inches thick
  Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  Product Website:

1 x LensShifter handle


1 x Shortshift counter balance


1 x Instruction Sheet


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Red & Blue Pair








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