FocusShifter DSLR Follow Focus with New Balance Counterweight

FocusShifter™ is a DSLR Follow Focus that can be used on any camera lens.  No extra equipment is required.  It's perfect for filmmakers, photographers, and anyone wanting to step-up their production capabilities with an inexpensive focus puller. It gives you professionalism without breaking your budget.

Some lenses have a very loose focus ring, and gravity will pull the FocusShifter lever down when you let go of it. Balance is a counterweight we've designed which snaps onto the FocusShifter belt and perfectly balances the system. Now you can release the lever, move the camera around, shake it up and down, and the focus will remain the same.



The Balance snaps onto the FocusShifter belt. It will remain attached to the belt even when FocusShifter is not on the camera, but can easily be snapped off the belt when desired. Balance greatly enhances the use of the FocusShifter and does not interfere with installation on the lens.

FocusShifter was previously successfully funded on Kickstarter, thanks to our amazing backers, and we've shipped 1000's of them worldwide since. They're being sold at places like Adorama CameraShowcase CameraMicrofacturingAmazonKaffebrus in Sweden, and Camera Service in Italy. Now we're raising funds on Kickstarter for production of the Balance counterweight.

To learn more about FocusShifter and how it works as a Follow Focus for DSLR, visit the FocusShifter website. To pledge on the new FocusShifter with Balance Counterweight, please visit our Kickstarter page,

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